4 Easy Ways to Get Involved

Whether it’s a friend, relative, or someone from your broader community, kidney disease affects nearly everyone in the United States in one way or another. The numbers are staggering, but not impossible to change when we harness the power of our communities. 

If you’re a community leader, community member, or simply someone who wants to help, we’ve got four simple ways to get involved and save lives.

Share our mission within your organizations 

When we tap into the compassion of our communities, we can radically increase the number of living kidney donors around the world. This first step happens with your help! 

Download our toolkit (insert link) for more information about the Kidneys for Communities mission and discover resources including:

  • Key messages for how to talk about Kidneys for Communities
  • Fun social media graphics and captions to rally your communities online
  • A sample email outreach template to spread the word
  • Common FAQs to keep the conversation going

Spread the word about donor benefits and support 

Donating a kidney is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling acts someone can do, but we know the costs can be prohibitive. Through our Medical Qualification program, Kidneys for Communities supports living donors through an extensive benefits package that includes reimbursement of any possible lost wages while recuperating, child care, pet care, and medical insurance. For more on our donor support, email info@kidneysforcommunities.org.   

Stay social with Kidneys for Communities

Find us on Facebook and Instagram where we continue to spread the word about Kidneys for Communities through fun, educational and inspiring content. 

Repost or comment on our pages to let us know you’re there and don’t forget to share our posts with your community of friends and followers to continue expanding our message where it matters most.

Schedule a no-cost conversation with us and your community 

You are in a unique position to save potentially hundreds of lives – And it starts with a “Hello.” 

Statistically, a significant number of your community members are (or will be) needing a kidney transplant soon. Our job is to get this critical message in front of your people to start a chain of donations between donors and recipients. All you have to do is click here to start a conversation.

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