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Donate your kidney to whom you care most about

If you’re a community member interested in donating a kidney—or someone who needs a kidney transplant and wants our help to communicate throughout your community—Kidneys for Communities is here to help.


Community members interested in donating a kidney

Donating a kidney is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling acts someone can do, but we know there are many obstacles that can be prohibitive to the donor. At Kidneys for Communities, we take care of our donors with the industry’s most complete donor benefits package:

  • Onboarding and education
  • Hand-holding individual through the donation process
  • Anonymity
  • Cost reimbursements:
  • Travel, food & lodging
  • Lost wages
  • Child, pet, adult care
  • Life, disability and complication insurance
  • Future Kidney Pledge for donor and family
  • Commitment of a kidney for a patient in the community
  • No cost

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’ve got a question, we probably have an answer. Visit our FAQs page to learn more about how Kidneys for Communities can help your organization.

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Organization Members
Seeking a Kidney

Asking for a kidney donation is incredibly personal. It can be difficult to ask even family or loved ones for such a generous gift. But unfortunately, successfully finding a kidney donor requires that the recipient reach deep into their networks of connections to make the big request. At Kidneys for Communities, we help those in search of a kidney reach into their community organizations and ask for help.

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