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Kidneys for

If you are a parent of a child in need of a life saving kidney, or an individual who would like to save a child in a dire situation, Kidneys for Communities is here for you.

What We Do

Kidneys for Communities® was built upon the power of community.

Our unique community-directed kidney donation model amplifies affinity, identification and connections within a community to increase the number of living kidney donors, thus saving lives within a community.

Kidneys for Children™
Parents of children in need of a kidney transplant don’t have to rely on the kindness of a stranger to save their child’s life. Kidneys for Communities can help. With the Kidneys for Children initiative, we’re here to facilitate the connection between children in need of a kidney and donors looking to save their lives.

Leverage the Power of a Community
We work with families who have children in need of a kidney donation to provide access to and facilitate living kidney donations by connecting people from around the country who want to help a child with those who need lifesaving kidneys.

Support Families of Pediatric Patients
Our team works with families to curate and share stories within their communities through an award-winning best-in-class online platform, social media, and traditional media. We provide them with resources, best practices and donor campaign support to find a kidney donor.

Provide Assistance to Donors
Our world’s first altruistic kidney donor forum, Living Donor Connections, provides support and inspiration to people who are considering donating a kidney to a child. We also extend a pledge of a future kidney and financial benefits to support various costs that donors may incur.


All at No Cost

Our program is FREE to all participants.

Receive Support from Our Living Kidney Donation Experts

Austyn Evans

Mom of Child with Transplant

Austyn's young son recently received a transplant from a living donor

Debbie Shearer

Living Donor Connection Board Member

This mother of three became a living donor after her son tragically passed away

Children want the independence to explore, learn and play. Children have their entire lives ahead of them and they yearn for normalcy.

Through the kindness of a life-saving kidney transplant, they can enjoy the simple joys of childhood and look forward to their future like other children, rather than enduring life as a patient. A living kidney donation is essential for a pediatric kidney transplant.

Kidneys from living donors can last up to 10 years longer than those from deceased donors. A child who is starting out life needing a kidney donation is more than likely going to go through multiple kidney transplants throughout their lifetime and rely on a living kidney donation. 

Kidneys for Communities supported Austyn and Branden Evans during their journey to find a living donor for their son, Conrad. Living the life of an active and healthy toddler, where the next outdoor adventure awaits, is no longer a dream, but a reality for Conrad and his family.

Kidneys for Communities® Donor Benefits

Donating a kidney is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling acts someone can do.

Every 8 minutes another person is added to the national transplant waiting list with more than 103,223 people, including children who are hoping for a life-saving kidney transplant. (Health Resources & Services Administration)

One of the most common misconceptions that parents of pediatric kidney patients hear is, “I wish I could help, but I am an adult and my kidney is too big.” Adults 18 and older are the only living kidney donations allowed for pediatric patients. 

Kidneys for Communities helps donors navigate obstacles that can be prohibitive through the industry’s most complete donor benefits package:

Onboarding and education

Personalized guidance through the donation process


Cost reimbursements:

Travel, food & lodging, lost wages, child, pet and adult care

Future Kidney Pledge for donor and family

No cost

Commitment of a kidney for a patient in the community


One Donation Can Save Many Lives

By leveraging the exponential power of paired kidney exchanges we help the patient receive a matching kidney while saving the lives of more people.

Help connect more communities

Help spread the word about living kidney donation and Kidneys for Communities®.
We even provide some tools to help.