Kidneys for Communities needs your support

One of North America’s largest farming retailer networks teams up with Kidneys for Communities

A livelihood built upon generations, agriculture and livestock businesses are the backbone of America. Often it is the people who live in farming and ranching communities who understand the importance of stepping up to help a neighbor in need.  

Teaming with Kidneys for Communities Mid-States Distributing LLC, one of the largest farming retailer networks in North America, is empowering its community to help thousands of people living with end-stage renal disease through living kidney donation.

Mid-States Distributing, a consortium of 33 privately held farm, ranch and home retail companies with over 700 locations across the U.S. and Canada is reaching its members’ 30,000+ associates and their families to direct their kidney donation to a person who needs a kidney and is affiliated with the Mid-States community — even a potential stranger.

“Relationships are the foundation of what makes Mid-States special with our communities, customers and each other,” said  Mid-States CEO and President Tom Mahlke. “Our partnership with Kidneys for Communities is yet another way we can empower our members and their associates to help one another.” 

Altruistic kidney donor and Kidneys for Communities Board Member Debbie Shearer introduced the program to Mahlke.

“In the Mid-States community, you are not an employee or another customer. You are family,” said Shearer. “Through Mid-States, we are reaching communities across the country. Imagine the lives we can save simply by connecting that one person who is in desperate need of a life-saving donation with someone who wants to help.” 

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