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Put your kidney where your heart is… consider becoming a living kidney donor for someone in need.

Myra Pagani has been a devoted wife and the primary caregiver for her husband, retired Emergency Service Unit P.O. Charles Pagani. Now Myra is facing a health battle of her own and is in desperate need of a kidney donor.


P.O. Charles Pagani retired in 1986 after 13 years of service when he suffered a career-ending injury while attempting to rescue a child. Throughout the several health challenges he has faced during retirement, his wife Myra Pagani has been his primary caregiver. 

Myra is now suffering from kidney failure and is in need of a kidney donor to save her life. In this critical time, P.O. Pagani’s family, including a niece and a nephew who are both NYPD detectives, are extending a heartfelt plea for assistance. A lifesaving transplant will not only help Myra continue to lead a fulfilling life but also to remain being a pillar of strength and support for her family members, who have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting their community. The family is hopeful that a compassionate individual will step forward to help Myra in her time of need.

If you have ever wondered about the impact you have on others, just take the first step and find out if you can donate to others. If you are a viable candidate to donate, you can help Myra and her family.


How does kidney donation work?

A donor doesn’t need to be an exact match. In fact, because of the Nobel Prize-winning paired kidney exchange program, your kidney donation will not only save one life, but it will save several more in the chain.

Living kidney donation is safe, and all costs associated with your donation are covered. Living donor kidneys also last much longer than deceased donor kidneys. A deceased donor kidney transplant, on average, lasts 10-15 years while a living donor transplant lasts 12-20 years.

Kidneys for Communities Donor Benefits

Donating a kidney is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling acts someone can do.

Kidneys for Communities can help you through the process to help save a life, but we know there are many obstacles that can be prohibitive to the donor. At Kidneys for Communities, we take care of our donors with the industry’s most complete donor benefits package:

Onboarding and education

Personalized guidance through the donation process


Cost reimbursements:

Travel, food & lodging, lost wages, child, pet and adult care

Future Kidney Pledge for donor and family

No cost

Commitment of a kidney for a patient in the community

Thank you, and we hope you consider this
life-saving act of generosity.

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