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Meet Jay Julian

Jay volunteers his time as vice-chairperson for Kidneys for Communities: Living Donor Connections, a group of living kidney donors educating and sharing their experiences and offering their perspectives to those considering living kidney donation to others within their communities.

 Jay is a two-time living donor. His liver and kidney donations were non-directed, and his 2010 kidney donation launched a seven-person paired kidney chain. Jay’s kidney and liver donations gave organ recipients a second chance at life, and since the donations, Jay has lived his life to its fullest.  

Committing his time to his community, Jay also leads support groups for Embracing the Journey, an organization that supports parents of LGBTQ+ children. Along with his wife, Jay works with parents to address the cultural and spiritual challenges for parents who love their children unconditionally after they come out.

For many people, there is not one life-changing event that motivates organ donation, and often the decision is questioned, even challenged by family members and friends. But since donating, Jay has run several half-marathons and marathons and is training for an ultra-marathon. 

“Living donation is one of the most unselfish and impactful ways to demonstrate love for another person,” says Jay. “While challenging during the donor screening process, surgery, and recovery, the overwhelming joy I experienced after each donation has far exceeded any challenges along the way.”

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